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The Black Mould Blues

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The Black Mould Blues

Last year, Chris from Alliance Remedial Supplies came to one of our meetings to talk about damp and mould and his talk was very well received. With that in in mind, and it being that time of year again, we have invited him back to come and talk at our March meeting - so do come along, you will be guaranteed to learn something.

If you can't wait...

Does this black mould look familiar?


As we enter the coldest months of January, February and early March it's common for properties to experience the monster problem of black mould.

Black mould can affect any property but is particularly prevalent in rental accommodation where fuel poverty can be an issue or where the property is poorly maintained.

It is a common misnomer to blame the issue entirely on lifestyle and while this can and often does have an impact, the imbalance of energy efficient measures such as improved windows and window frames, additional loft insulation or cavity insulation and conversion of older properties into super insulated HMO’ properties with barely meeting ventilation regulations means black mould will affect even the newest property.

The solution in every incidence will be to improve ventilation and once this has been carried out, to apply a thorough mould remediation process.

Our friends at Alliance Remedial Supplies offer the most comprehensive range of solutions for preventing condensation damp and treating the monster problem of black mould......... Come along to our March members meeting to get advice and guidance of your condensation and mould issues, or check the link now if you can't wait.


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