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Neighbour Problems? Try Portsmouth Assessment Service...

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Neighbour Problems? Try Portsmouth Assessment Service...

The Portsmouth Assessment Service (PAS) is based in Landport, Portsmouth  and has been resolving anti-social behaviour and difficulties between neighbours in Portsmouth for the last 16 years. The service is independent, impartial and non-judgemental, working with all Portsmouth residents whether their home is provided by the Council or a housing association, privately owned or if they are owners, leaseholders or landlords.

PAS has six highly skilled Assessment Officers tackling a myriad of issues including (but not limited to); noise, children, animals, harassment/intimidation, drugs, boundaries, rubbish, smells, parking and damage to property. Cases are best referred in the early stages of conflict, although PAS will accept cases regardless of how long they’ve been ongoing.

It can be time-consuming or inappropriate for landlords to become involved in neighbour disputes, particularly where complaints are merely allegations without any evidence. PAS dedicate a lot of time to each case, obtaining a solid understanding of the situation from both perspectives. They do not need evidence and are non-enforcement; parties therefore feel they can be honest, which is invariably more conducive to reaching a long-term resolution.

Once a case is referred, an Assessment Officer will visit all parties (this can be more than two) and assess the situation to see how it can be best resolved. Parties are encouraged to take control of their circumstances and be proactive in finding a resolution.

A recent case involved a landlord, a leaseholder and a tenant and revolved around use of a parking space and also, unwanted dog poo. Both trivial items but it does not take much to turn a trivial annoyance into a long term feud and with multiple parties each blaming each other, outside help is often the only way to resolve the problem. Often, the 1st step is to help everyone involved understand the view of the others involved and thus stop the blame and accusations. In this particular case, no one was ‘at fault’ and nothing was changed, but just talking to all parties about what was and was not appropriate and expected helped immensely and now they all seem to be living more harmoniously without issues over the parking space and with no further instances of uncleared dog poo. Sometimes, PAS are unable to resolve a case or need to pass it to another agency, but 80% of cases are resolved ‘in house’ using their unique blend of Assessment/ Mediation/Restorative Conference., PAS are creative in their resolution techniques and do everything possible to achieve the optimum outcome for every case.

If your tenants are experiencing neighbour difficulties, you should call PAS directly on 023 9236 8089 or at support@assessmentservice.org.uk to ensure they can proceed with the case.

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