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Welcome to the Portsmouth & District Private Landlords’ Association

The PDPLA is an association of local landlords which aims to represent, educate and inform its members. We meet monthly to learn and share information important to local landlords and we represent our members needs and the concerns to local and national government. There are approximately 4,000 private landlords in Portsmouth and this doubles when you add in the surrounding area – this is a large group of people, yet historically we are an easy target for the press, for regulation and for taxation. We cannot promise to change that, but together, we can try.

Martin Silman,
Chairman, PDPLA

PDPLA offers its members...

  • Monthly Meetings.
  • Guest Specialist Speakers.
  • Network with Fellow Landlords.
  • Support from Experienced Landlords.
  • Monthly Newsletters.
  • Up-to-date Information.
  • Quality Letting Documents.
  • Quality Letting Guides & Resources.


  • Ask Email Questions to all Members.
  • Discounted Landlord Insurance.
  • Free Tax Investigation Insurance.
  • Professional Contacts.
  • Members Working for Your Interests.
  • Recommended Traders.
  • Trader’s Discounts.
  • Landlord ‘Buddies’ Scheme.

Please note that from January 2017 and as a result of a vote put to our entire membership we are affiliating with the RLA to bring greater benefits and value to both memberships as well as the organisations.

In order to join both PDPLA and RLA please visit the RLA website.

Should you require further assistance or if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.


PDPLA Latest News...

  • Big Fines For Leaving Bin Bags In Street
    Big Fines For Leaving Bin Bags In Street

    At the July Cabinet meeting for Housing, Portsmouth City Council signed off the new regulations mentioned in last months ‘Ensuring we are heard’ column, allowing PCC to fine landlords OR TENANTS up to £5,000 if they leave rubbish in forecourts or on the street.

  • Universal Credit Issues Raised At PDPLA Meeting
    Universal Credit Issues Raised At PDPLA Meeting

    At our June members meeting Gary Jenkins from the Department for Work and Pensions and Mark Sage, the Tackling Poverty Officer at Portsmouth City Council updated attendees on the current status and plans for Universal Credit and gave guidance on how best to handle the rollout locally, what support was available, what landlords should take care with, etc.

    After the meeting, Mark produced comprehensive guidance for landlords which we have appended below in full...

  • Can landlords help the homeless?
    Can landlords help the homeless?

    The PDPLA was invited to visit Hope House last month, the homeless hostel operated by the Salvation Army after their presentation to us at our April members meeting. Tony Athill and Alwin Oliver were the only members to attend which was sad but no surprise, we have had many such requests from homeless charities in recent months.

    The centre provides temporary accommodation and support for homeless people, usually with a local connection, including people with alcohol, drug and mental health problems. They also provide ongoing support for those who they have helped move on.

    They have a few residents who have been through a process and have been assessed by staff to be ready to move out into social housing or the PRS. Vacancies in the former are rare. These residents are effectively bed blocking the acceptance of new residents who would benefit from help. The centre would like more private sector landlords to provide homes for these individuals. 

  • Thinking of switching from students to family lets?
    Thinking of switching from students to family lets?

    From the days of rent controls in the 80's through to the financial crash, we saw wave after wave of government incentives to get people investing in property. This had the dual benefit that it provided housing to replace that which was being lost from the social sector whilst also pushing up house prices which made the majority of voters feel richer (and thus, in theory, encouraged them to say thankyou when they went to the polling booth).

    However, the tide has now turned - the proportion of voters disgruntled that they cannot get on the housing ladder has grown to a size where governments of all colours have realised that ever increasing house prices may have worked once but is not a recipe for success anymore.  The Labour party talk about re-introducing rent controls and this week, Conservative MP Neil O'Brien writing for Onward (a centre-right think tank) argued that the crackdown on landlords has not gone far enough and mortgage interest relief should be scrapped altogether and that there should be further reforms to property taxes.

    Locally, we see block after block of student housing going up - you cannot blame the developers, no other development type avoids council tax, business rates and section 106 CIL obligations - but do we really need so many?

    Against this backdrop, it is not surprising that some of our older members are having second thoughts about whether to continue with student accommodation or not - whilst they have had a reasonable income over the years from the service they provide, it is now getting harder and harder for them to manage their properties in the way they always have done.  I asked one such couple to give me their thoughts.....

More PDPLA News Articles...

Monthly Meetings and Other Events

2nd Monday of every month (except August) at the Inn Lodge Hotel, Burrfields Road, Portsmouth PO3 5HH (free parking)
Networking with other Landlords from 7.00pm
Meetings Start at 7.30pm

Each month we will have a number of guest speakers From different fields of the letting industry.
They will give valuable up-to-date information and are available to answer your questions.

  • 08 Aug 2018
    PDPLA Landlords Breakfast 09:00am to 10:00am

    Join us at our monthly Landlords Breakfast at Watkins & Faux (Southsea Tennis Club Pavilion, opposite

  • 10 Sep 2018
    PDPLA Monthly Meeting 07:30pm to 09:00pm

    This month we are hoping to have 2 presentations - Fire safety (an update from Hampshire Fire & Rescue)

  • 12 Sep 2018
    PDPLA Landlords Breakfast 09:00am to 10:00am

    Join us at our monthly Landlords Breakfast at Watkins & Faux (Southsea Tennis Club Pavilion, opposite

  • 08 Oct 2018
    PDPLA Monthly Meeting 07:30pm to 09:00pm

    Update from a local accountant - what happens when you die? what should you do if you have not completed

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